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what is this font? please

20/10/2010 a las 07:29

what is this font?

what is this font? please

Fuente identificada

House Script  Sugerido por rocamaco 

Fuente sugerida

Chicago Style  Sugerido por mindkillaz 

20/10/2010 a las 11:53

Maybe Brush Script? a lighter one.
Fuente sugerida: Brush Script
  (Mala respuesta)

15/11/2010 a las 23:41

It looks really close to Chicago Style. I have a version of the font installed on my machine and it looks closer than the URL does.
Fuente sugerida: Chicago Style

16/11/2010 a las 08:38


29/01/2011 a las 01:16

I'd say that I know very well this foundry, in fact I've made other identifications of it (for example:, so I'd say the font is "House Script", even it has a rare anomalie: the liason between "o" and "r", in spite of it, I stiil thinking the said before...

Probably, they do express to have a "differential fact" in the logotype...
Fuente identificada: House Script

29/01/2011 a las 01:30

Eureka, I 've solve the mystery: they forgot to do the liason between "o" and "r", it's characteric of this family of fonts, you can do the test in the "Try Font..." of the site...

That's all folks!!!

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