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Help pls!

05/08/2011 a las 01:13

Does anyone know the name of this font?? I know the T is modified but the other letters?? Please and Thanks!

Help pls!

Fuentes identificadas

Chopin Script  Sugerido por claudeserieux 
Snell Roundhand Bold Script  Sugerido por rocamaco 

05/08/2011 a las 01:31

T -> Chopin Script
Fuente identificada: Chopin Script

05/08/2011 a las 01:35

"eresa" is also modified ( "espinada" )...
Fuente identificada: Snell Roundhand Bold Script

Editado el 05/08/2011 a las 01:37 por rocamaco

05/08/2011 a las 01:36

05/08/2011 a las 01:44

thank you so much

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