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Requesting ID of WWI - 1920s Looking Fonts

03/10/2014 a las 04:49

Sorry, I realize there are two fonts here but it's the only pic I have. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Requesting ID of WWI - 1920s Looking Fonts

Fuentes identificadas

Imperator  Sugerido por jerseygirl 
The Last Font I'm Wasting On You  Sugerido por jerseygirl 

03/10/2014 a las 05:13

not sure about the "R" and "C"
Fuente identificada: Imperator

Editado el 03/10/2014 a las 05:14 por jerseygirl

03/10/2014 a las 05:16

Spot on! You're very good. Now if I can just ID the first line. A million Thanks!

Best Regards,

03/10/2014 a las 05:17

03/10/2014 a las 13:04

Wow. Double or nothing - you're the best! Thanks for your effort. It's much appreciated.

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