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bauhaus 1926 #1

30/09/2014 a las 22:09

can anyone help? this is from a bauhaus publication from 1926. is there a similar font?
thanks for your help!

bauhaus 1926  #1

Fuentes sugeridas

OldStyle  Sugerido por marapara 
Tiina  Sugerido por Heron2001 

01/10/2014 a las 04:10

'Un vieux Bookman disparu'

01/10/2014 a las 11:04

You may want to have a look at Linotype's Baskerville Classico and Caslon Classico. No match of course, just look at the g and the S (which looks like a Clearface), but with a similar ▀.
Can't give you a sample as Myfonts is down (again).

02/10/2014 a las 21:40

Fuente sugerida: OldStyle

02/10/2014 a las 21:45

Old Style doesn't have the ▀ and Umlauts.

03/10/2014 a las 04:09

En allemand : Antiqua - Antiqua No 1,2,.... or xxx Antiqua
En anglais: Old Style - xxx Old Style, yyy Old Style

09/10/2014 a las 16:55

thank you for your help! OldStyle is pretty close!

09/10/2014 a las 17:42

As usual - I'm late to the party - but if I had to duplicate this I'd use something like Tilna

Which as the ▀ and Umlauts.
Fuente sugerida: Tiina

Editado el 09/10/2014 a las 17:45 por drf

10/10/2014 a las 00:52

That Jackie is a wrong ▀. Crossbar at the left.

10/10/2014 a las 03:04

10/10/2014 a las 12:14

claudeserieux ha dicho  

This could be - somewhat - restored wit the Century Oldstyle or, even better, Berthold's Century Original BQ. But these do not have a matching ▀ for the original post.

10/10/2014 a las 15:58

On a toutes les caractŔres sauf le ▀.

10/10/2014 a las 22:19

As the ▀ is in the sample it should be in the set ... right?

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