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A serif titling font I believe

28/07/2011 a las 00:44

Looking to use this font for the escort cards at our wedding. Can anyone help? It so elegant.

A serif titling font I believe

Fuente sugerida

Centaur  Sugerido por claudeserieux 

28/07/2011 a las 01:13

If you have seen this font on webpage, please provide the link.

28/07/2011 a las 05:23

28/07/2011 a las 05:23

its the first option..

28/07/2011 a las 16:28

It's an image, will not help.

28/07/2011 a las 17:25

It's a suggestion.
Centaur with small caps
Fuente sugerida: Centaur

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