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"18th century" font problems installing Mac

01/09/2014 a las 15:58

I've been using this font for years, but recently had to install it on a different computer.
Once I've downloaded and installed it to my font book it has for some reason called itself "new" and won't show up in Adobe Illustrator (where I use this font).
Is anyone else having this problem???
This is a pretty urgent problem as I use this font frequently for my business (custom signage)


01/09/2014 a las 16:26

Mac will reject fonts with an OS/2 version number of 0.

Solution: Open with font edior and save.

10/05/2018 a las 18:17

Tried it your way (using Font Book rather than Font Editor). It says "3 serious errors were found. Do not use these fonts".

10/05/2018 a las 18:23

11/05/2018 a las 00:46

I'm on CS6 on Mac OS 10.11.6, using FontXplorer X pro as a font manager and have just installed and used 18th century without problems.
Is this a problem with High Sierra and the Font Book version that installs with? Or a problem with Illustrator CC?

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