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URGENT!!! What font is that??

22/07/2011 a las 01:30

Hi there!!

I'd like to know which font is that.

Someone told me it's Harting, but it isn't even close to it...kkkk

Help me out guys!!


URGENT!!! What font is that??

Fuente identificada

Harting  Sugerido por rocamaco 

22/07/2011 a las 01:42

I've readed what you've written, but it's "Harting" to me...
Fuente identificada: Harting

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22/07/2011 a las 02:17

but have you notice that letters m are higher than others??
I typed with harting here, and it's different.

At least, looks quite different when I use it on video..

22/07/2011 a las 02:20

22/07/2011 a las 02:46

Now I've got what happened!
The person changed some aspects of this font.

If you checked a bit closer, you will see that the letter "O" is a little bit fatter than the picture I've sent.
Than I realized that he changed it in a vertical way.....
So, the guy made some modifications....

But I've got it now!!

Thank You very much for your help!

All the best

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