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Sri Lankan Airlines Font

17/07/2011 a las 05:04

I found the Emirates font (Emirates Group Regular) but couldn't find this one. Emirates one is the same but there are few modifies in the Sri Lankan font like the swirls on it. I am sure there is a font because I have few magazines that are printed by the Sri Lankan Airlines and some pages have this font.

Sri Lankan Airlines Font

Fuente identificada

SriLanKan  Sugerido por claudeserieux 

17/07/2011 a las 05:24

The name is SriLanKan .
Fuente identificada: SriLanKan

Editado el 30/04/2012 a las 17:39 por SashiX

17/07/2011 a las 14:37

The name of the font isn't 'SriLanKan', if it is I would have found it long time ago.

17/07/2011 a las 14:55

It's a corporate font. This font is not sold.

23/07/2011 a las 10:31

Where did you find that picture?

24/07/2011 a las 02:33

Dans un pdf d'Harsha Indika Karunarathne

24/07/2011 a las 08:26


30/04/2012 a las 16:14

How i Get the emirates group regular font? If any one get pls tell me how i get....

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