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Mount&Blade Standard Font

10/10/2010 a las 18:06

This is from the well known Mount&Blade, the entire game community it's interested in the only font the game uses.
Thank you in advance. You're the best. I'm seeing you have a 70% of success rate.

Mount&Blade Standard Font

Fuente sugerida

Mordred  Sugerido por tophy52 

10/10/2010 a las 19:36

10/10/2010 a las 20:15

Thank you, seriously, for your rapid response. In name of the TaleWorlds Community. This can help us to make way better stuff.
The problem was that the game uses a bitmap font (image), not .ttf or original vectorial fonts at all.

14/10/2010 a las 23:45

No final decision has been made for this one in the Leaderboard, but I'll keep this thread active, in case there aren't other additional posts.

koeiekat has already identified Mordred Demi Bold in this thread:

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15/10/2010 a las 19:15

Kat had identified Mordred CAPS, read the post plz
Nothing like this one.

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