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PicsArt Fonts

05/05/2014 a las 12:45

I was supposed to ask the names of the different fonts PicsArt uses but eventually I've found my way through the android system application and got the font names, so in case someone will ask to have them identified or need them, here they are, in the order shown in PicsArt:

1. Archivo Black Regular
2. Cutive Mono
3. Average Sans
4. Unica One
5. Text Me One
6. Swanky and Moo Moo
7. Waiting for the Sunrise
8. Gloria Hallelujah
9. Nothing You Could Do
10. Sigmar One
11. Luckiest Guy
12. Permanent Marker
13. Blockography
14. Stroke Dimension
15. Made With B
16. Special Elite
17. MAWNS' Handwriting
18. Limelight
19. Sniglet
20. Monoton
21. Faltura Guerra
22. Meddon
23. Many Weatz
24. Wankstaberg Battles
25. LoveYaLikeASister
26. Kranky
27. Just Another Hand
28. Obritron-Black
29. Short Stack
30. Six Caps
31. UnifrakturCook
32. Smokum

There you go! Hope this turns out to be useful to someone. Hope everyone has great days~

31/05/2015 a las 17:49


16/07/2015 a las 01:27

Thank you this list is great. Could you please tell me where I find the font names for picsart on my android as I need the names for the textart 3 fonts.
Thanking you

19/08/2016 a las 00:13

Very, very, very thank you !!

17/04/2018 a las 12:23

Thanks a lot

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