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Gracie Films Logo Font!!!

28/04/2014 a las 20:26

Please tell me the name of this font that was used in the Gracie Films logo, stat!!!

Gracie Films Logo Font!!!

Fuentes sugeridas

Parsnip  Sugerido por Minecraft Logan 
Puritan  Sugerido por Minecraft Logan 

28/12/2014 a las 11:46

Fuente sugerida: Parsnip

28/12/2014 a las 11:49

28/12/2014 a las 22:44

If you don't have the money, here is a free font for you to use. if it is too bold, sorry about that
Fuente sugerida: Puritan

28/12/2014 a las 22:47

Yes. You definitely need a refill.

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