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Troy Lee Designs

15/04/2014 a las 07:14

What is the font of the numbers? Not the name. Please reply if you know thanks

Troy Lee Designs

Fuentes sugeridas

Square 721  Sugerido por MX963 
Serpentine Bold  Sugerido por MX963 
Microgramma  Sugerido por hastalavista69 

15/04/2014 a las 08:34

maybe this font can help...
Fuente sugerida: Sarah Script
  (No es la fuente solicitada)

15/04/2014 a las 08:37

Fuente sugerida: Microgramma

23/11/2016 a las 19:43

I believe the font is called Square Bold but the 1 belongs to a font called Serpentine. If you use Adobe InDesign you can make the 1 taller and reducing the spacing between each Number you can recreate this number. Hope it has helped.

23/11/2016 a las 19:48

Okay sorry the font is called Square 721
Fuente sugerida: Square 721

23/11/2016 a las 19:50

Heres the serpentine link
Fuente sugerida: Serpentine Bold

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