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Positive Attitude | Negative Camber Font

14/03/2014 a las 14:25

I know that the cambergang font has been identified previously, but I'm looking for the font of the text at the bottom that says "Positive Attitude | Negative Camber".

Thanks in advance!

Positive Attitude | Negative Camber Font

Editado el 14/03/2014 a las 14:26 por WDodd

Fuentes identificadas

American Captain  Sugerido por PelicanoRS 
Stentiga  Sugerido por khiro 

14/03/2014 a las 14:27

Fuente identificada: American Captain

14/03/2014 a las 14:28

I thought American Captain as well, but negative is quite different:
No point on the V and the G is a different shape.

14/03/2014 a las 14:52

Fuente identificada: Stentiga

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