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Font used in Google's Sub-Heading?

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18/06/2011 a las 08:18

By sub-heading, I mean the words "web fonts; beta" used in the provided example.

I think its offered for free by the Google Web Font service, but they offer so much; it's almost impossible to find it.

Any results will do! Thank you!

Font used in Google's Sub-Heading?

Fuente identificada

General GG 330  Sugerido por rocamaco 

Fuentes sugeridas

News Cycle  Sugerido por Roley 
Noto Sans  Sugerido por GHexagon 
Franklin Gothic Light  Sugerido por alvarothomaz 

19/06/2011 a las 00:37

I want to know too...

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19/06/2011 a las 02:21

After a more elaborate search under the Google Web Font archive, it looks like the font is called News Cycle. I'm not 100% sure though, but it looks the same for the most part.

You can view an example of it here:
Fuente sugerida: News Cycle

19/06/2011 a las 05:44

Roley is correct.
News Cycle is the font.

21/06/2011 a las 22:08

Fuente sugerida: Franklin Gothic Light

24/06/2011 a las 18:34

Fuente identificada: General GG 330

24/03/2014 a las 17:03

actually pretty close to this - think it may be one (I think they use many different ones - this one for the Web Store logo)
Fuente sugerida: Noto Sans

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