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Help me with this font?

25/11/2013 a las 02:51

Wondering what font was used here? Thanks!

Also if you have knowledge on this, how did they add that effect? Like the white blur/haze.

Thanks again.

Help me with this font?

Fuentes identificadas

Sunshine In My Soul  Sugerido por idkradical. 
Futura Medium Condensed  Sugerido por SashiX 

25/11/2013 a las 13:04

"gallifrey falls no more"
Fuente identificada: Sunshine In My Soul

25/11/2013 a las 13:05

this edit/graphic is probably from tumblr. you may ask some tutorial accounts out there to make a tutorial for this edit/graphic

26/11/2013 a las 01:56

I checked around, trust me. @idkradical, I meant the main text, the one in the first picture half.

Thanks again!

26/11/2013 a las 02:00

it's Futura, but I can't see any effect on it
Fuente identificada: Futura Medium Condensed

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