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Can you help me identify this font?

31/05/2011 a las 22:58

Can you help me identify this font?

Fuente sugerida

Market Deco  Sugerido por jmoys 

31/05/2011 a las 23:53

Looks like "Market Deco" but is not exactly that one, that's the only one I can this of that kinda looks like this.
Fuente sugerida: Market Deco

01/06/2011 a las 00:15

Thanks so much. Yes, it is similar, but I don't know how I would get the effects around it - that make it interesting. I'll see if it is identifyable, and if not, just have to settle for another!

01/06/2011 a las 00:18

You could change every type in Adobe Illustrator maybe? if you want. Well, you would just have to change each letter that you want and then just clone it. If you're gonna use it just for titles it should work

01/06/2011 a las 00:24

Thanks, but I am more of a novice user than a professional. I don't have/use Illustrator. No worries, there many fonts in the sea!

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