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Kamikaze Font

21/09/2010 a las 05:15

Hi All

Does anyone have an idea which font this could be?

Would really appreciate your help as I need this font for a Logo.

Thanks for your replies in advance


Kamikaze Font

Fuente identificada

Blippo Black EF  Sugerido por rocamaco 

Fuente sugerida

Bauhaus heavy  Sugerido por marty666 

21/09/2010 a las 11:47

I'd say some letters are based on Bauhaus Heavy
Fuente sugerida: Bauhaus heavy

25/01/2011 a las 12:40

I think without a doubt, the font is "Blippo Black EF", but with only two little modifications:

1) Stars included in "O" and "a".
2) Reduction of "i".
Fuente identificada: Blippo Black EF

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