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Name this font!!

19/09/2013 a las 20:32

I used to have this font, but I lost it. I keep thinking it's Bedrock...but it's not! Anyone know it?! Thanks!!!!!

Name this font!!

Fuente identificada

Neuland  Sugerido por SashiX 

19/09/2013 a las 21:53

not the same, but try this one meanwhile...

19/09/2013 a las 22:01

Fuente identificada: Neuland

19/09/2013 a las 22:35

You rule!! Thank you!

20/09/2013 a las 03:49

Shoot, that's what I thought, too, however the center bar on the "M" was off on the one I had. URW's version is spot on though.

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