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Crude Life Suggestions?

09/09/2013 a las 23:22

Hey there,

So here in the Western FL panhandle we have our own locally-owned knock-off version of the ever-popular "Salt Life" brand, called "Crude Life". It was started a few years ago after the BP/Horizon oil spill smothered our beaches in crude oil and tarballs, and a good chunk of their profits go to a big non-profit Gulf Coast restoration project, can't remember the exact name off hand. But I digress.

Attached is their original (and still the most popular) logo with font. I've searched all over the internets, but honestly the company is so small I didn't really expect to find anything, nor would I be surprised if it wasn't even a real font at all. What I would like, however, is to find some decent alternatives/look-alikes. So far I have been unsuccessful in this quest as well. Obviously it's a "Crude-style" font, but it has this skull 'n bones, pirate-like, Halloweenish look to it as well. I guess it could be better described as a hybrid cross between a Crude-style and Creepy-style font, of which I've found nothing similar thus far.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Also, this is their website:

Crude Life Suggestions?

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Bamboo  Sugerido por skomii 

10/09/2013 a las 00:28

Maybe bolded and stretched...
Fuente identificada: Bamboo

10/09/2013 a las 22:38

Wow, that's almost perfect. Thanks!

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