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Fonts in engineering drawings

09/09/2013 a las 12:24

Hi. I'm wanting to make or have made plaques that will include numbers and letters. I have no idea how I can create an engineering drawing using a font.

A potential supplier today sent me, in a PDF file, some artwork, a nice large picture of a plaque with a number inside it. Not only that, but is an outline of a number, not solid, which is what I want.

Can anyone please tell me how can I produce something like I got sent to me?

I've got Gimp, but perhaps I need a proper CAD program?

Your help much appreciated. Thanks.

09/09/2013 a las 14:03

I don't understand wath you want to make : an engineering drawing or an image ?

For an engineering drawing, you need a CAD software like AutoCAD. All the recent CAD siftware can use the TTF font.

If you want just an image with an artwork and some figures and lettering, you need a graphic software.
The GIMP is one, but it's a bitmap software, and I think that for your application, a vectoral editor like Inkscape (free software) is besser.

For the hollow lettering, it existe many fonts that pupose directly hollow charactčrs.
For example

09/09/2013 a las 14:40

Hi. Yep, because it's an engineered thing, I'm thinking in terms of supplying an engineering drawing like what you would make with a CAD program. I asked the guy what he is using and he said Coral Draw and Photoshop, both graphics programs. So, given it's simplicity, a graphics program is obviously adequate.

I downloaded a free copy of Cora Draw. Merely a matter of drawing a rectangle and then typing in a character and scaling the character. Got that far, but still not got just the outline yet.

Not sure if I can get an outline from Coral Draw with any font, or whether it needs to be an outline font from the start.

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09/09/2013 a las 15:02

Aah, in Coral Draw you use select your text and then use Converted to Curves (Ctl + Q). Then in the Object Properties menu, under Outline, select line thickness, etc, and under Fill, select no fill.

So, I have my answer. At least for a certain graphics program.

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