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HELP! Font of Rio 2016

18/05/2011 a las 11:44

I'm a huge fan of Olympics and I'm interested with this font. THANKS!

HELP! Font of Rio 2016

Editado el 18/05/2011 a las 11:47 por rukaazuma

Fuente identificada

Rio 2016  Sugerido por fontologist 

Fuentes sugeridas

Rio 2016  Sugerido por PaperYoshi 
Rio 2016 Light  Sugerido por ReddenRock 

18/05/2011 a las 17:32

AFAIK, it's not a font

21/05/2011 a las 05:58

I Think its a font. Watch this.

13/07/2011 a las 23:32

The designer answers your question between 3:06 to 3:28.

"We believed that a manual writing would be a good solution.

With an existing typography, this would be hard to achieve. None of them had the balance we wanted.

We realized that, because it was a special project and the letter combination was very specific, it demanded a specific solution."

Maybe, when the games aproaches, they will develope the font. For now, I think there is only "Rio 2016".

08/03/2013 a las 12:07

It is a font, it's just not commercially available. Not now, anyway. (She noted, a year and a half after the thread started. )
Fuente identificada: Rio 2016

01/08/2016 a las 21:40

Pourquoi quand je mets en lien le fichier .ttf à télécharger le message est-il modifié ... ? avec l'annotation "Déjà suggérée"
peut être déjà suggérée mais sans lien de téléchargement ...
c'est un forum d'entraide non ?
Fuente sugerida: Rio 2016
  (Ya se ha sugerido aquí)

Editado el 04/08/2016 a las 23:11 por Vinzzz25

18/08/2016 a las 16:36

19/12/2016 a las 22:09

I made it^^
Fuente sugerida: Rio 2016

30/04/2017 a las 16:37

rukaazuma ha dicho  
HELP! Font of Rio 2016

I'm a huge fan of Olympics and I'm interested with this font. THANKS!

Fuente sugerida: Rio 2016 Light

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