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What's this font called?

15/05/2011 a las 11:59

What's this font called?

Fuente identificada

Amarelinha  Sugerido por SashiX 

Fuente sugerida

Men In Black Credits  Sugerido por KC Fonts 

16/05/2011 a las 16:57

Closest version that's freely available*
Fuente sugerida: Men In Black Credits

Editado el 16/05/2011 a las 16:59 por KC Fonts

16/05/2011 a las 18:22

The "Y" is not the same, so it's not that font :(

16/05/2011 a las 18:33

You can always hand draw it to replicate it and scan it in. I do that often for my designs with "hand done" looking type.

16/05/2011 a las 22:53

Note: has been used uppercase and lowercase letters
Fuente identificada: Amarelinha

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