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The copyright symbol

16/09/2010 a las 01:20

My laptop crashed and I can't remember which font I used :/. It is something similar to the copyright in this photo. Please help me find a font exact or similar to this. thanks!

The copyright symbol

Fuente identificada

Myriad Pro Condensed  Sugerido por koeiekat 

16/09/2010 a las 09:36

what ©

16/09/2010 a las 09:45

The one in the middle that says ©triciagosingtian

Editado el 16/09/2010 a las 10:55 por Rodolphe

16/09/2010 a las 09:49

holy sh.t ! Roro, l'oeil de lynx !

16/09/2010 a las 10:24

To look this, copy the picture in a graphic software and modify with contrast +90%, luminosity -30%.
It will appear.

16/09/2010 a las 10:48

Or apply maximum fade correction ...

Try Myriad Condensed or Myriad Semibold Condensed.
Fuente identificada: Myriad Pro Condensed

Editado el 16/09/2010 a las 10:57 por koeiekat

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