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Can you name two?

14/09/2010 a las 13:31

Trying to work out what TWO different fonts are used in this logo.

1. Pittsburgh
2. Power

It's got me stumped, I've been threw a few hundred.
The closest I've found to 1. is "Nimbus Sans Novus Outline Bold":

Please help, my brain hurts.

Can you name two?

Fuente identificada

Impact (on your computer)  Sugerido por damz 

14/09/2010 a las 13:51

Impact, a bit rescaled vertically

Impact, with a vertical bar on some letters...
the 'r' on Power is different, because they used the "n" of the Impact and cut one of his legs...
and regarding the outline on Power, it's not from the font, it's just a basic stroke made in Photoshop

Fuente identificada: Impact (on your computer)

15/09/2010 a las 01:39

Thanks daaams.

That work 100%. VERY well spotted on the modified "n"


15/09/2010 a las 11:17

no problem

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