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what font is "New York" in?

13/09/2010 a las 02:40

what font is "New York" in?

14/09/2010 a las 20:01

does anybody know????

15/09/2010 a las 03:47

does anybody give a hell?

15/09/2010 a las 05:29

ryanmaes ha dicho  
does anybody give a hell?

Probably not, when you follow up twice in less than eight hours. Most of the font identifiers are from Europe, and they would be sleeping through much of the gap between your two posts.

It looks like hand drawn lettering to me.

15/09/2010 a las 09:30

ryanmaes ha dicho  
does anybody give a hell?

Whatever happened to please, one wonders ...

15/09/2010 a las 11:19

it's printed on a folded fabric, quite difficult to see the real letters...

15/09/2010 a las 11:53

New York started it's life as a font designed in 2003 by John Studden and was named after a craft.

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15/09/2010 a las 22:51

The Kat knows what the Dumbo doesn't

Yet, The Kat wonders whatever happened to please ...

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