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What is the font for the September line?

05/06/2013 a las 19:48

What is the font September 5th 2011?

What is the font for the September line?

Fuente identificada

Eccentric  Sugerido por rocamaco 

05/06/2013 a las 19:52

Fuente identificada: Eccentric

05/06/2013 a las 20:00

Thanks rocamaco,
i took a look and it does not match. But thanks for your time.

06/06/2013 a las 00:03

It's the same font, trmacdonald. That's why the box the link is in is green.

06/06/2013 a las 01:50

then why does it look different? :(

06/06/2013 a las 02:40

Why is it so skinny and the font seems so thick?

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