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Name of this font

19/05/2013 a las 01:17

Can someome tell me the name of this font please in the word Luxury? I think the first part is Bickham Script, but I can't find a font that matches the scripty Y. HELP. Thank you.

Name of this font

19/05/2013 a las 01:21

All is 'Bickham Script', using alternates...

19/05/2013 a las 01:24

Thank you, how do I use alternates?

19/05/2013 a las 01:27

This is a listing of all 1,715 glyphs contained in the font, including OpenType variants that may only be accessible via OpenType-aware applications, like MS Office 2010, Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc...:

19/05/2013 a las 03:28

ktiff ha dicho  
Thank you, how do I use alternates?

Character Map

Libre Office : Insert /Special Characters

19/05/2013 a las 04:32

Thank you both, I tried the Character Map and I still do not see the font design of the "Luxury" word in my logo.

19/05/2013 a las 04:41

your "L" = normal "L"
your "r" = this "r"
your "x" = this "x"
your "y"= this entire "y" + upper swirl of this one

19/05/2013 a las 04:50

SashiX thank you - I am trying to use this on Microsoft Publisher 2010 and I am having no luck.........ugh!

19/05/2013 a las 04:57

19/05/2013 a las 05:16

Don't panic, ktiff
As Claude said before, use Character Map that comes with your Windows. Open it and select Bickham font (see claude's image above). Then start to search for that "x", for example. Once you locate that "x", look at the bottom of this window - that's the "short cut" for this letter (in HEX, you will need to convert it to decimal).
No prob, I will help you this time:
Type first two letters: "Lu", then, for that alternate "x", hold Alt and type 58583 on num.pad (Alt+58583, num.pad should be ON/activate, of course), type "ur" then (should appear as is, no special stuff needed), and for that "y" hold Alt again and type 58610 on num.pad. You will need to overlap and merge that "y" with this one: Alt+58608. Good luck

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19/05/2013 a las 05:25

Hi, again - thank you! I tried that and my character map only has Unicode DOS and Western available. When I type the numbers you gave me it comes up with a box with an x.

19/05/2013 a las 05:35

what Bickham script do you have then? From Adobe? (right button on font file -> Properties -> "Details")

19/05/2013 a las 05:39

Yes it says Adobe under details tab

19/05/2013 a las 05:41

I did purchase and downloaded this font from

19/05/2013 a las 06:21

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