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what that 'hot' font?

16/05/2013 a las 10:18

hey everybody.

anyone know what that 'hot' font?
thnx for all !

what that 'hot' font?

19/05/2013 a las 13:59

somebody know ?

20/05/2013 a las 17:51


20/05/2013 a las 17:57

orvachnish - I remember this from the 16th - I tried to find it - but to no avail....

The squared O is found in several fonts - however the H and T - are not... I thought it might be hand tailored for whatever the advert was... wish I could have helped - but I am only coming back to tell you this, because no one has been able to help you - and I wanted you to know attempts were made. BTW - I didn't post because the closest I could find was called Weathered Solid - and it wasn't even close...

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