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27/04/2013 a las 09:52

What is the font for "Beautiful" and "even if time passes" in the picture ? Thanks in advance


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Fuentes identificadas

The Only Exception  Sugerido por rocamaco 
Light TFB  Sugerido por rocamaco 

Fuente sugerida

Geometry Soft Pro  Sugerido por 1wildflower 

03/05/2013 a las 20:42

"even if time passes"...
Fuente identificada: The Only Exception

03/05/2013 a las 23:33

This one seems either really close or that it is the same one but possibly the B is stretched up and squished in.

The t could be Geometry Soft Pro Light C.
Fuente sugerida: Geometry Soft Pro

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07/05/2013 a las 07:07
Fuente identificada: Light TFB

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03/06/2013 a las 18:58

Sorry for mega late reply . Thanks you both I appreciate it a lot <3

03/06/2013 a las 19:00

Better late than never... You're welcome...

03/06/2013 a las 19:07

rocamaco ha dicho  
Better late than never... You're welcome...

Haha I guess you're right , thanks for reminding :#) ^^

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