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What Font is it??

25/04/2013 a las 22:07

I really need to know what font is this, I think is Helvetica or a variable but I´m not sure, please help me!

What Font is it??

Fuentes sugeridas

Raleway  Sugerido por lolobeber 
Proxima Nova  Sugerido por frd 

26/04/2013 a las 09:41

Similar, just in case.
Fuente sugerida: Proxima Nova

26/04/2013 a las 15:29

Thanks drf_ but that is similar too..but is not the font I´m looking for...the a and w are different..

26/04/2013 a las 18:46

link to that web/document?

26/04/2013 a las 21:18

Ça ressemble beaucoup à "Raleway". Toutes ses variantes sont téléchargeables sur le lien ci-dessous.
That is very similar to "Raleway". All its variants can be downloaded from the link below.
Fuente sugerida: Raleway

27/04/2013 a las 00:06

Thanks a lot!! that is the font that I want to know, u help me a loot, thanks again!

27/04/2013 a las 01:17

Pero pon el enlace, que asi te lo confirmamos rápido

27/04/2013 a las 02:09

Ya me la identifico lolobeber, de todas maneras gracias, saludos!

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