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24/04/2013 a las 03:59

Font Help

Fuentes sugeridas

ComicsCarToon  Sugerido por skomii 
KR Bad Kitty  Sugerido por pilaster 

24/04/2013 a las 10:10

I may be wrong but I think this is
(artistic licence in the 'N's)

24/04/2013 a las 19:47

…here something similar(ish)
Fuente sugerida: KR Bad Kitty

24/04/2013 a las 19:58

This one is also close to...
Fuente sugerida: ComicsCarToon

24/04/2013 a las 20:46

skomii ha dicho  
This one is also close to...


If I were a gambling man I'd bet my R$10 that the designer/signmaker has used skomii's suggestion as the base for this sign…just modified the 'ANDY' to make it more quirky and hand drawn.

24/04/2013 a las 23:18

Thanks, Ya ComicsCarToon was the closet i could find just had to modify a few letter

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