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maximusmaximus  23/04/2013
Very cool font! Great!
KevinHill  25/04/2013
imagex  25/04/2013
januleta  26/10/2013
very nice
mohammed6651  18/08/2014
Hi really great font

i will make a thai restaurant logo using your font is it ok with you?

Thanks & Best regards

Mohammed Abdullah
lightfighter11b  12/09/2014
I love this font. I just donated to you. How can I contact you about possibly using this on some shirts that I will be selling. Thanks.
lightfighter11b  12/09/2014
Please get with me about use jamesryansmith@yahoo.com . Thanks.
BeoWaffle17  30/09/2014
Very cool. pls contact me i would love to use this in future projects. lewis.jordan@mail.com
MonkeyMan504  02/02/2015
Not sure if you know it, but the WWE are using it on TV as part of one of their wrestler's entrance videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmtzMFjyUZo#t=0m49s

The guy is a big deal in Japan (under the name "KENTA") but wrestles in the United Stats as "Hideo Itami".
Jasminsd  19/06/2015
i will make a thai restaurant logo using your font is it ok with you?
thank you in advance jasmin.sdamrong@gmail.com
ralph26diya  07/01/2016
Hi there i really love your font and I would like to use it for a logo is it okay with you to use your font? email me if theres any problem: ralph26diya@gmail.com

thank you so much!
BadmanZup  05/04/2016
Can i use this font for a logo for mine and my friend's swedish youtube channel?
Email: andreas.emil.nymark@gmail.com
Scarli  09/05/2016
Hello, I wanted to ask if I can use either this font or the font called "Les Sensations de Cerise" for a logo on my Youtube channel. However I was sadly not able to contact you, so I am telling you with this comment that i will be using one of these fonts, for my logo. If you do not want that please contact me with this mail adress:


Have a good day ^^
hippiemouvement  11/05/2016
Hey Maelle.k,
did I can use your creation (Zenzai Itacha) for my skateboard compagny? I never make any money with your creation but I'm really happy if you let me use your creation! Contact me on my email : sam1954@homtail.fr
kiri27  24/03/2017
May I use your font for business purposes? Please contact me at kirigfx@gmail.com! Much appreciated.
Lordinaire  29/11/2017
I like your font.
Can I use it for a musical project ?

Contact me to : letroyen44@gmail.com
soobax  07/03/2018
How do I get in touch with you?
kota345  11/06/2018
Enyiks  07/08/2018
Hey, am I allowed to use your font for a university project?
I used your font for one of our universities calender frontpages. You can get in contact with at eni125@gmx.de
ryujiisensei691  25/08/2018
hello can I use this font for my YouTube channel.
melpollie  16/04/2019
I would like to use your font for commercial use. please contact me via melbert@bigpond.com.au
Shadow々Yaseen  17/07/2019
I want to copy this font...or can you please send me "ShadowYaseen" in this font style.

thank you
Fatin Aez  29/07/2020
Hello, this is a really nice font ! May I know if I can use this font for my name to put it on streams/videos ? Here is my contact @fatinaezreen@gmail.com
Ghegu03  20/09/2020
Hi, i want to use this font for some t-shirt, contact me if there are problems francescoizzo2427@gmail.com
Thermite  01/12/2020
Please contact me at tplan72@tscstudents.net.

I also speak japanese:

Thermite  01/12/2020
Please contact me at tplan72@tscstudents.net.

I also speak japanese:

AshrafSaid01  20/04/2021
Hello, I want to use this for a business image and wanted to contact your email as I can't use it without negotiating first. Thanks
Xya  10/06/2021
I would like to use this font for personal use but i dont know how to download the font please help , my email is diorxya@gmail.com or contact me on instagram @23hittaxy thanks!

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