DIST Yolks Emoticons

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dafontmakerk  04/08/2008
these are hilarious and fun! :)
nynycat  07/08/2008
nice emotion it's so kool when we use PTS!
StreetLingaz  14/08/2008
Ha ha ha these little dudes are awesome!
shadow10bl  01/09/2008
putraveto  05/09/2008
Koecki  08/09/2008
They are so funny
DNYcE718  19/09/2008
Ahhh Yo I want Dis Here To Put On Some Shirts
weeman  04/10/2008
class like the first one
Muse62  19/10/2008
Est-ce normal que je n'arrive pas installer cette police ?
seldem_tria  03/11/2008
Smile smile nice font
ayuvivian  12/11/2008
they are so cute!~~lovely!~
dsmith  12/12/2008
OMG!! i love this font its adorable!!!
kaki;busuk  09/04/2009
hey, i cant use it... why????
SHeidelbach  22/04/2009
so sweet
meggiemae6862  23/04/2009
hahaha so cute!
i like b, d, and w!
Nie  10/05/2009
ooooooo GORGEOUS!!!!! ^_____________^
braian  18/07/2009
muy buena la letra..
Dwavy007  06/10/2009
This Is Dope... Yo Can I Use Them
Wavey J  08/03/2011
Hey I like the emotion's can I use one of them to put on a jumper and hat.

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