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hazy  23/05/2009
Great job! i really like it.
jpsensei  18/12/2009
Awesome! My favorite one!
jpsensei  21/12/2009
:o there isn't the symbol :o...May you add it? please!

Example when I write first with numbers --> 1

Thank you in advance!
bevm  24/12/2009
Love this however only am receiving small caps/caps and no lower case...my system or ???
brtkr  31/05/2010
This is under Creative Commons license, NOT GPL!!!
Where are the Hungarian accented ő and ű?
sayurta  26/09/2012
Hello. would like to use this font commercially (in an app and a logotype). Please contact me via private mesage with fees associated. Thank you
RAS-UTOPIA  21/11/2012
muy linda!
santiagok1986  10/11/2014
Hi. I would like to use this my web page.
Please let me know at santiagok986@gmail.com
lcm  01/11/2015
Hello. Would I like to use this font commercially? It's really wonderful!! Thanks.
Mobyeck  29/08/2016
Hey, could i use this fint commercially? Thanks for answer. :-)

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