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StreetLingaz  25/09/2008
The trees in this font that have a lot of detail in the branches are really nice.
tommy.from.breslau  31/08/2009
Hi Karla,
I love this font. And I would like to use it on the website.
If you will read this comment, please contact me:

jill311  05/12/2009
How can you get ahold of the author Karla? Her website is down. Thanks!! Jill
Kaulquappe4090  19/12/2010
Hi Karla!

sorry, but my English is not the best. but I will try it. I found your font WM trees 1 here on this page and I like the palms :)

I would ask you, if I can use 3 of the palms for a flyer :)
I hope you read this here and I hope you send me an answer to markusherber@web.de

So I wish you the best and hope to hear from you
Thanks, Markus
stom83  20/02/2011
Great job! I would want use one of your trees for short anmiation! Can you write me on my personal adress : stom83@hotmail.fr
Thanks !
arahiko  21/04/2011

I would use one of your trees for my logo design
I hope you can reply to me email add : arahiko_19@yahoo.co.id

suserl  26/05/2011
Hi Karla,
"Trees" is a great font - I really like it.
And I would like to use 5 of the trees on a note paper for a treeworker in Germany, if you agree. I hope you can reply to s.loosli@gmx.de to say what the costs for a use are.

Susanne Loosli
buriedtobloom  06/06/2011
Hello Karla,
Please contact me at davidcompanik@gmail.com and let me know the commercial license fees/requirements for "WM Designs 1" and "WM Trees 1". I am a real estate agent in The Woodlands, TX, and I would love to make use of your beautiful art on my website!
vargovargo  08/06/2011
Hello Karla,

I would like to talk about using your font in some educational figures I am working on. Please contact me when you can vargo@gatech.edu.


quinmm  18/06/2012
Hey Karla,

I would like to use your font in an infographic about reforestation in Panama for a non profit organization. Please let me know if this is okay. My email: mcquinley@gmail.com

Thank you,
mrkrogers  17/07/2012
Hi Karla!
How do I purchase one-time use of the tree that corresponds to the letter "S"? I am doing a letterpress invite for somebody's wedding and wanted to put that on. Please let me know asap!
Thanks, Monica Kass Rogers monicarogers@hotmail.com
groove_18  24/10/2012

I love the trees for keys w & p. How may I buy the rights to use them? For public to see, nothing to re-sale and/or profit from. Can you email me back? groove_18@hotmail.com. Thank you.
veroon  02/08/2013
I love them too and would like to use them commercially! How can I do that? --> please contact me, veroon@gmx.at
Locat  14/08/2013
I Willi!

Great work on these fonts. I would love to use them on a website. How can I get the rights?

You can email me at loganw08@gmail.com

Wylt  01/09/2013
Hi Karla,
I'd love to use the tree for key s in my blog logo - can you let me know how I go about purchasing the rights please? You can email at wylt@sky.com
lethargiccow  22/09/2013
I was hoping to use your beautiful trees for a graphic for our Theatere production. Please reply soon so maybe I can purchase the rights?
kesteves3boys  04/10/2013
I would like to use this font in the logo for a non-profit that I work for. please email me at kendal@actoflife.org i understand there are embedded restrictions (i'm a novice designer)
alxx  27/11/2013
I have a small business in Singapore, it's a new company/startup. We'd like to use a tree for our logo.

Contact me at ppr.kut[@]gmail dot com

millhouse  12/02/2014
Hi karla

I would like to use one of your trees as part of a company logo i am creating, will this be possible please? Many thanks, Lee.

email leeroymasochist@hotmail.com
KFW  06/05/2014
I would like to use the font commercially. Please contact me at kristinfwood@gmail.com
timopekkafr  01/11/2015

I like the fonts and wish to hear more about possibilities to use them for a commercial purpose.
E-mail me on timopekkafr@gmail.com
sskyllin  28/02/2018
Hi Karla,

I want to use one of your trees in a logo design- I modified it slightly, but want to make sure you're cool with me using it.

My email is skylline9 at gmail {dot} com



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