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metaphasebrothel  26/11/2012
You did a decent job on this. Some of the proportions are off a bit - use this character guide graphic, if you want to add characters, or make revisions:


Each glyph fits in a 12x8 pixel matrix, which includes the character, ascender, descender, and spacing.

More information about this alphabet:

This alphabet has been fonted previously by James Shields as [b]Green Screen[/b], (, and by me, in a stylized version, as [b]FixCystNeon[/b], (

If you compare your version to James', you'll be able to find the errors.

rexsavdi  26/05/2013
The default command prompt fonts are not so cool. I wish they add a feature to easily change font in cmd.exe. Currently, I am using FireCMD - to change the fonts.
CharlesNoon  08/08/2013
Noob question: who technically owns this? Can I use it with no worries?
Utah Teapot  15/10/2014
Mmm... Tasty!

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