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metaphasebrothel  22/12/2012
Fifty-one fonts in three weeks...

They're all OK to good, but there's not one that I would consider excellent. Your technical skills are fine. Maybe it's time to challenge yourself, and do one that makes people go "Wow!".

You can do these hand printing scrap book fonts in your sleep by now. You won't learn much by doing more of the same.
bythebutterfly  autor de Whisper a Dream   22/12/2012
Thank you for the comment. I plan on doing some new things this week. I appreciate it.
lov2teach  01/01/2013
I think your fonts are great....and especially for teachers who want to use something that is easy to read for young learners.
I look forward to your future fonts, but I am very happy with what you have shared with us so far.
bythebutterfly  autor de Whisper a Dream   02/01/2013
Thank you lov2teach!!!

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