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skomii  01/10/2012
This font is marvellous, no other is like it !!!
attar  26/03/2013
sarıçiyan fontu ehehehe
Can I use it for commercial use on my logo?
joeeee  07/11/2019
Your work is so awesome! :) Can I use this for commercial? Please email me " kysukjjang@naver.com "
yeowool kim  08/01/2020
Hello, I would like to use this font for commercial purposes. If you send an e-mail to moon.pd@daum.net,
I would be grateful.
xelpiart  23/03/2020
Awesome work! I would like to use the font for commercial purposes. If possible e-mail me to guilherme19032001@gmail.com
hwanheeeeeee  25/04/2020
hello! i want to use your marvelous font for commercial purposes. if it is possible, please email to workingxxavi@icloud.com. thank you!
henry23  08/05/2020
Hello, can I use that font for commercial purposes?
Please send confirmation to gb8488@naver.com
Thanks a lot.

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