Turbo Ripped

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Jonathan Paquette  06/04/2006
wow, c'est une police d'une grande qualité!
suspiro  12/04/2006
it´s really good! all mess out... but beautiful. great!
yoPUNKass  14/04/2006
i effen love this font... it's so sweeet!
jecinda  04/05/2006
dotd420  27/09/2006
Bombs, Beautiful!!!
DarkOsso  27/09/2006
Feinha hein...
Grimmig  06/03/2007
I am officially in love with this. Great job.
Confusion  09/05/2007
I liked a lot the uppercase style of this font, great work, thanks!
PeanutFanatic  29/12/2007
I officially LOVE this font!
It's,like, the best one on this site.

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