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Gyom Séguin  17/05/2008
Finally a new font from StereoType...It was worth the wait!!!
StereoType  autor de Today   20/05/2008
Merci pour ton commentaire Gyom !
annaOMline  20/05/2008
Really good font, kind of retro but modern at the same time, well executed. Thanks a lot!
rushie25  21/05/2008
Jonathan Paquette  24/05/2008
Super belle qualité, comme d'habitude!
RYKEAY  26/05/2008
This is a very nice font! thankyouverymuch!
polenimschaufenster  02/06/2008
Hell yeah, this is really nice!
The kerning and some connections are still a little trashy, but still I love the whole feel of it!

more please!
07taylora  15/06/2008
Cool Love it lots !
teopark  19/06/2008
so cute
SoFonty  03/09/2008
Ohmygoshhh its cute
StreetLingaz  10/10/2008
This is a cool, cute font. :) I like it.
mdesbordes  15/10/2008
In all the examples I've seen of this font being used there are cool lines or slashes under the words... like the two under the word Today. How do I make these?
awmasry  05/11/2008
Very nice. I love it !!
ASluv2comment  30/04/2009
Oui, tres chic!
3LEment  26/02/2010
i have a totally other font when i download it not as on your picture?

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