The Quiet Scream

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annaOMline  12/02/2007
Great font! Congrats, Love the letter R ending :)
marty666  12/02/2007
aaah enfin une qui change ! sympa le coup des doubles bas de casse dans les caps ! par contre dommage qu'il manque tous les caractères spéciaux ! =(
Cyanide  13/02/2007
great fon
lothaire  16/02/2007
ah ouéééééééééé ! celle-là elle pète bien, vraiment !
En fait, je suis du même avis que daaams.
Cheese  18/02/2007
nice font
x3kelliann  27/02/2007
Thiany  28/02/2007
Oh... So Nice ^^
pinkpalm  26/04/2007
nice font man--so i'm understanding you correctly that one writes in lowercase only using uppercase for them spiffy double letters?
theguywhocriedwolf  11/06/2007
what are you, a cyborg from the near future that can make the coolest fonts while making these other guys look like renaissance wenches. this shit is off the hizzle cousin.

I hate Ugg Boots!
galzdem  20/06/2007
prettyinpunk_93_  21/07/2007
Awsome dude! are any of your fonts free to download?
wazzon  03/11/2007
love this font <<<look awesome!!!!
Dilara96  26/03/2008
ebgraph  14/09/2009
Weldone!!! great font!
FontDownloader1227  11/12/2011
I cannot add it to "Best Fonts", because it doesn't contain letters like "H" or "I".
Gyom Séguin  autor de The Quiet Scream   22/12/2011
Hi FontDownloader1227, it does have those letters, you just have to use the lower cases. Thanks!
kaylinxo  18/03/2013
Adore this font <3

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