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The B.O.M.B. (Best Of Magurno Brushes)

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KUBIZZZ  18/07/2006
supa dupa font but when i instal this they are normal trutype font and nothing picture
StreetLingaz  17/03/2008
This font is DOPE! And it works fine on my computer. Thanks a lot for making this, man. You've got a talent.
RAS-UTOPIA  12/05/2009
muy buen trabajo, saludos  27/06/2011
Skiroleta  28/10/2020
Thanks, from one Magurno to another.
Magurno  autor de The B.O.M.B. (Best Of Magurno Brushes)   29/10/2020
@Skiroleta: no, thank you for your appreciation! Are you a Magurno too? :D

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