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Ratt  06/02/2008
I think this is a great font, very reminiscent of my high school sporting years. Well done.
bekon  03/01/2009
i like ittttt..
estherrr  27/02/2009
I love this font and I'm trying to use it, but the brackets do not connect...Tips? I'm also on a Mac...
estherrr  28/02/2009
Never mind; it just doesn't work in Photoshop :{
m3xican  12/02/2010
Good Font. Thanks
ilaya  25/03/2010
Hey Nick or to whom it may concern. Can I use this font in my design? You know just with all the copyright laws...
Chuck Norris  20/11/2010
Really cool. Great work!

-Chuck Norris
emale94114  02/06/2011
Windows7 Photoshop CS3. Use shift+0 (shift + zero) to make the end connector. The brackets do not connect.
macgeo  24/07/2012
awesome font, found similar listed as Boola Boola over on is there any difference? going to buy it to be sure
mianakitty  02/08/2013
This is so beautiful. Another nice work of yours. :D
Can I use this font commercially for a one off restaurant?

Thank you for your assistance! My email address is:
AKines31  23/06/2017
The lower case b is cut off at the top. Looked great til I used the b. I had to go find another font to use

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