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zakzak008  13/04/2010
great font like sharlok holmes movie i like it , thank you
hanoded  autor de Sunday & Monday   16/04/2010
thanks zakzak008! ;-)
drumdbeat  12/09/2010
Hi David,

Is this font available for commercial use?

drumdbeat  12/09/2010
Never mind - DonationWare - Done!

hanoded  autor de Sunday & Monday   14/09/2010
Hi Ben, you got it! ;-)
magentaa  26/06/2012
Hello David,

I am a graphic designer and I have suggested to my client the use of a tagline visually based on your font, that I slightly modified.

I would like to use your font to create a few other tagline for this company. Several letters will be changed, but the style will stay.

I saw in a comment before that you accept the commercial use of your font, with a donation. Is that still ok with you ? if so, I’ll donate in the name of my own company.

Thank you


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