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keansalzer  27/07/2016
Just licensed this font. Love it.
Is there any chance you could adapt it slightly so the heart can connect to a capitalized letter and look like it fits?
PLStephenson  02/08/2016
This is beautiful. I would love to purchase it for small commercial use. Also if you are planning on designing any flourishes/cartouches to go with this I would also be interested in those. Thanks.
SSD2017  07/01/2018
How do I purchase a commercial license?
Blá Blá Blá  31/03/2018
Oi!Eu sou escritora e gostaria de utilizar esta fonte para criar as minhas capas.Eu não recebo nada monetariamente pelos meus livros.Então poderia utilizar a fonte de forma gratuita?
RenadaB  29/05/2019
would like to use this. I don't own a business just sell a few things

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