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erranorhan  21/03/2008
want somethng more extraordinary.
leuzim  11/04/2008
eu nao consigo baixar a letra pra coloka no meu programa
como q fašo pra mim baixar ?


x1-bell  23/06/2008
great font, what is the licence on this?? cheers x1-bell
mrkrishan  26/06/2008
How can I make it have an outline like as in the picture. If anyone doesn't mind can they make it with the outline and say mrkrishan.
mrkrishan  26/06/2008
fr@t  26/03/2009
guly  07/04/2009
yea!! muy buena!
Muishond  20/04/2009
Is this available for commercial use? Please mail me at
roblepk  06/10/2010
Ok, a few things...I love the little pictures inside and outside the letters, they remind me of little pets, and i love this trait is cool, it fits the graffiti motif, because it is definitely graffiti, it's awesome likewise! dude, this definitely fits all critiquing styles, and I do believe that you could profit from this one if you sold it to companies, think about it, because in the end, it is you for it, but it's definitely a fine art piece! Good job, keep on going with these fonts and maybe you'll make millons someday :)
setpavee  07/06/2011
jeko  10/08/2011
Is available for commercial use? Contact me at
fagus  09/01/2013
Hi Noah, please tell me if your font is free for commercial use. You can mail me at Thanks
aito  25/09/2013
como hago para descargar la imagen ?
MarthyRivera  29/10/2013
Hello sir? I can't download it. The zip is corrupted. Please send me the font here Thanks!
Sharkie405  14/03/2014
Did anyone ever find out if this is free for commercial use? Or, how can I contact the developer??

Is this front available for commercial use for free?

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