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Robert 334  11/03/2014
I like this font, can I use it for Projects that I'm selling? (Commercial Projects) :)
please contact me

Thank you
typodermic  autor de Strasua   18/03/2014
Yes, details here:
hdtm02  28/12/2014
Hello May i use this font for my youtube channel i want to know becuse i dont want a coppy right strike-hdtm02
typodermic  autor de Strasua   29/12/2014
Yes, it's free for commercial use.
jsdavis1010  29/07/2017
I love everything about this font except the capital "A". Would it be breaking the license to alter the capital "A" so it would have the customary horizontal bar?
typodermic  autor de Strasua   30/07/2017
It's no problem. You can modify it as long as you don't distribute the modified version.

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