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lady_slider  10/11/2016
Love this design. It's beautiful! I may be interested in using this for a small commercial project for a class. Is this possible? And if so, how do I go about doing this respectively? My email is
emsibob44  02/02/2017
Would also like to use this commercially on a logo for a client, do I just need to donate to do this? Please contact me at Thank you!
mrmsteven  17/05/2017

I was wondering if there is a licensed version of this font available with special characters (e.g )? You can contact me at

burntilldead  autor de Steelworks   31/05/2017

I just read your message Yes there's a license version with support multilingual accent. Please follow the link to see Steelworks pro version:

Let me know if you have any more question.
Jacob Hickmott  02/06/2017
Hey there!! I have the same question as emsibob44....
A client has asked me if this logo os possible for commerical use?
please contact me at

marskoje  19/09/2017
Hi, I love this font. I have used it for my logo and want to use it on some products. Could you please contact me at
StrangeWebDesign  07/12/2017
I would also love to use this in my logo. My email is Thank you!
kjackson  27/01/2019
Would it be possible for the background of the font to become a solid color or be empty/hollow? Thank you!
VoxM  27/02/2019
Hey, just wanting to inquire about using this font for commercial use. if you could contact me on:
LTMassage  12/09/2019

I was wondering if I can use this font on some promotional material for my massage business. Please email me at Thanks!

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