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clodette  05/07/2007
I like your font and I would like to use it.
It would be for a french magazine which treats about fashion and customisation, "Detournements de Mode".
Can you tell me if I can buy it and how much is it ?
Thank you !
jelloween  autor de Smirnof   11/07/2007
I have sent you an email :)
eddit  07/11/2007
I would also like to know how much this font cost. I am making a widget for a friend/client and he really likes this font cuz its for a music player and it has that retro look for the track/artist display.
jelloween  autor de Smirnof   27/11/2007
please email me at [jelloween at hotmail dot com] for details on buying a commercial license for this font (or any of my other freeware fonts)

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