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KnoR  26/07/2006
LOve it!! SLIPKNOT ROCKS.. Instalation perfectly fine!!
Sakura  07/02/2007
yay for slipknot!!! whoop!
minizilla  01/12/2007
I see that this is going to be deleted, and I don't care. There is nowhere to report broken fonts (that I have seen anyway).

Anyway, this font is AWESOME.....if it worked. It shows up in my C:\Windows\Fonts folder, the preview works fine, the preview in MS Word works fine....the font, though, shows up as boxes when I type. If this worked, I'd love it.
bpulido  28/10/2008

I would like to use your font on a commercial project. What are the fees?

Kung Fu Cow  30/11/2010
wow! slipknot rules!!!!!!!!!!!
i <3 slipknot

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